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Retargeting With Demand-Side Platforms

98% of first time visitors to website are not going to immediately buy on their first visit.

This is where retargeting reminds these unconverted bounced traffic of whom you are, increase your consumer touchpoints and even persuade that lost visitor to come on back to websites and buy products.

There are great platforms to help you run a successful retargeting campaign based on your products. These platforms support all of the technical and leave you more time to work on strategy and branding while they handle all of the technicalities.

Adro Ad Exchange is providing various online advertising platforms to businesses, such as DSP retargeting.

By using Adro DSP platform, advertisers can target or exclude site visitors based on their actions, create groups of users based on purchase intent, and set up advanced conversion tracking rules. Furthermore they are able to personalize each impression for every individual user.