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Ad Servers

Adro Ad Server Benefits for Agencies

Adro Ad Server Benefits for Agencies

  • Real time and live analysis on active campaigns
  • Accessibility over all campaigns
  • Latest targeting and tracking features
  • Comprehensive report that covers all campaign details
  • Cost reduction & Performance improvement
  • Full Support of all digital ad formats; such as display, mobile, video & more

Adro provides Ad Server technology for agencies to manage, evaluate and optimize digital advertising campaigns faster and more efficiently.

Adro Ad server is an ad serving system that allows you as an agency to store advertising content & broadcast them to various platforms in appropriate positions such as websites or mobile apps & generate reports based on your needs.

Adro ad server stores information about ad contents such as banners, images and videos and delivers them to selected web sites for display to targeted audiences. Ad servers make it possible to pursue ad impressions, clicks, budgets and etc.