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Ad Blocking

Is it a threat for programmatic or not?

The online ad industry, and the publications that rely on it for revenue, are at a watershed point because ad blocking has diminished the impact ads have online.

The poor experience generated by online ads directly caused the runaway adoption of ad blocking tools.

How advertisers respond to ad blockers will shape their industry & the experience of online advertising in the future.

Using the Ad exchanges' programmatic plus innovative and creative ads will reduce the number of ad blocking.

Why Do Users Install Ad Blockers?

  • Ads are annoying and intrusive 64%
  • Ads are disruptive 54%
  • Ads create security concerns 39%
  • Ads affect load time 36%

Which Ads Are Acceptable?

  • Video Ads with "Skip" button
  • Controllable Ads with close button
  • Ad content that doesn't affect or interrupt user's internet surfing
  • Ad contents which do not impose on viewer browsing experience