Real Time Bidding (RTB)

Real-time bidding enables brands to bid on individual impressions rather than agreeing to a predetermined fixed price

How RTB works?

Real-time bidding or RTB is how ad inventory gets bought and sold, based on impressions. The whole operation can be likened to how financial markets work because RTB takes place on ad exchange platforms. This dynamic bidding process lets advertisers bid on the impressions; if the bid’s won, the buyer’s ad will be shown immediately on the publisher’s site.


Adro supports real-time bidding via OpenRTB API specification version 2.4 you can use the OpenRTB structure and it’s enumerated values to write applications that bid on ad space in Adro Ad-Exchange and other compatible exchanges and supply sources. Bidders that are already compatible with these versions should be able start using the Adro OpenRTB implementation.

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