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11 Nov

Iran AdTech Overview

We are glad to announce the first series of TechRasa’s market overview white paper reports starting with Iran AdTech Overview with sponsorship and data partnership with Adro AdExchange, Iran’s first AdExchange opening Iran’s online advertising landscape to the world

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2 Oct

Adro Reaches 50 Billion Impressions

The one year old Iranian Ad-exchange Adro has set a new record in Iran’s AdTech scene by reaching 50 Billion ad impression.

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18 June

Adro launches its RTB Platform

The Iranian Ad Exchange Adro launched it’s Real-Time Bidding platform alongside other features. This is the first time such virtual Ad marketplace has been created to work within Iran’s AdTech ecosystem.

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26 Feb

Adro: Iran’s First Ad Exchange

Adro changes the Iranian online advertising landscape by becoming Iran’s first ad exchange. Iran’s ad tech scene started from almost nothing few years back, and local ad exchange could be considered a metric of growth of this industry, and possibly the most revolutionary thing that has happened to this industry.

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